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Questions & Answers

This thread will hopefully cover some basic issues you may be experiencing while trying to register or login to the UFO Gen Community website. While it may not cover all issues that one can encounter it's only supposed to be a basic help thread.

I can't register

Issues with registering (a.k.a creating an account) can be due to the email address you're attempting to use. In the never ending war on vile spam and the hideous spam bot unfortunately some domains have had to be blocked (example: You do however have a few other options such as sign up for a slightly more trusted email provider such as Gmail.

Another alternative would be to sign up using your Facebook account, this is probably the easiest way to register an account and it's awesome! (Took me a lot of time to get working!). From then on out you may simply login with your already existing Facebook account with ease.

Other then that if the user name in question is found to contain generalized offensive words or hinting at offensive wording then that username will either be changed to something equally humiliating to the account holder... like you'll be renamed 'numb skull'.

I've forgot my user name and or password

Retrieving your username or password is as simple as requesting a new password then entering either your username or email to receive steps on recovering your account.

My account was banned for no reason

As stated above we're really trying to keep the spam and spam bots at bay and in the war you've seem to accidentally get caught up. You can contact the webmaster of UFO Gen and request your account be unblocked at this email: however if your account falls under the restricted email domains then there is no guarantee your account will be unbanned.

As more issues roll in I'll be sure to update this post with how to solve certain issues. All members should have already read the community rules and visitors are encouraged to read the Community Rules Before registering for an account.

It's very important to me that our community members have a pleasant experience here and anyone trying to intentionally ruin anyone else's experience will be dealt with. Please mind your manners!