Community Rules

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Community Rules

This is a community that cares about each other people and their life journey. If you're caught being  a jerk here to other members you could find your account blocked or worse. For the most part arguments are perfectly fine and a healthy way to exercise individual and critical thinking so if you get in an argument with someone don't run to the mods for help we're all grownups.

You're expected to communicate with other members, share your experiences and thoughts, hear others experiences and thoughts and have a good time. The rules of the community are so put in place to keep a balance of order and thinking outside the box.

RULE #1 - Do not post pornographic material here
This is not the place for pornographic content. If you have something you'd like to share and it's edgy bordering pornographic please inform a moderator or a super user to ensure you're following the rules.

Examples would be women in bikinis and guys in speedos if posted in the proper context would be fine while posting full frontal nudity of your passed out drunk buddy is not.

RULE #2 - Don't troll other members/Do not feed the trolls
arguing is one thing but continuing to follow other member's around the forums and replying negatively to anything they post is trolling and will not be accepted. You will receive a temporary ban IF the super users/admins are feeling generous.

There will come times when you get someone trolling you, please use the ignore function to completely ignore their posts. This would be the grownup thing to do and will cover you when moderators or admins get around to dealing with the guilty. If you're caught feeding a troll you might find yourself with a warning.

Creating another account after being banned for trolling constitutes as trolling as well, don't try to avoid a ban.

RULE #3 - Don't post illegal content
Do not post links to illegal content here(pirated software,key gens etc).
You may however include a link in your post to your source of information on your topic. Posting illegal links to content will be the quickest way to lose your account.

Following these 3 simple rules which were taken from everyday actual life rules to being a decent human being will ensure you have the best time you possibly can on the site.

Please feel free to contact a mod,super user or admin if you hand an issue or question.